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With many years of experience working across all sectors and delivering across multiple WiFi vendors Velocefi is at hand to help you with your WiFi requirements. Velocefi provide a complete range of WiFi and Wireless Networking Services to support any of your customer requirements. Services include Design, WiFi Surveys, Troubleshooting and Installation. Using the latest industry tools and best practises, Velocefi are completely equiped to undertake the challenge of Designing and Troubleshooting a modern WiFi Network in any environment.

WiFi Design

Velocefi Design and Consultancy services are tailored to customer requirements and recognised industry best fit technologies... 

WiFi Surveys

A properly conducted Wireless LAN Site Survey is key to the success of your Wireless Network. At Velocefi we have the expertise and tools to ensure design is covered optimally...

WiFi Analysis

Whether it's too little coverage, unwanted interference, bad channel management, poor Voice over WiFi quality or any number of possible scenarios Velocefi are fully equiped to resolve any problems...


With a proven understanding of systems integration methodologies, Velocefi's experienced build, deliver and test teams seamlessly integrate multiple technologies into completed solutions...

Velocefi Services

Velocefi provide a full range of services to compliment our core WiFi skillsets. These include in-bulding Cabling for LAN & WiFi deployments, adds moves and changes, Cable Certification and fault diagnosis, Outdoor Wireless using the Cablefree product range. Velocefi also provide equipment rack inventory audits and a Recycling Service.
Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Free Space Optics (FSO)

CableFree Free Space Optics (FSO) point-to-point links offer capacities of 2Mbps up to 1.5Gbps and distances up to 4km. Compact and extremely rugged, with industry-leading link margins for reliable performance at long range and proven stable beam optical design.   

Licensed Microwave

CableFree Licensed Microwave point-to-point links offer long distance, high capacity and dedicated bandwidth with capacities up to 1Gbps and distances over 100km. Available in popular bands from 4-42GHz, with IP, TDM and SDH interfaces.

Millimeter Wave (MMW)

Millimeter Wave (MMW) is a high speed point-to-point Wireless transmission technology complimentary to FSO and Licensed Microwave, offering high speeds in city areas where traditional licensed microwave frequencies are often congested and at distances exceeding those available with FSO.

Outdoor Wireless

Wireless communications provide flexibility for intra-site or building connectivity via external point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links. This is becoming an increasingly common method of connectivity over traditional copper or fibre options, which are costly and time consuming to install.

Find out more about Cablefree Wireless

The challenge of connecting one or more buildings or locations spread over a geographical range can be costly and time consuming when choosing traditional methods such as fibre optic or leased lines. Service provider lead times can generally stretch to several months and this may involve digging up routes to lay new cables to reach the customer premises

Why Choose Velocefi?

  • 20 Years Experience
    Velocefi was founded with the purpose of delivering quality Wi-Fi, LAN, and Networking solutions to customers with particular focus on end to end accountability within the design and delivery phases of projects. Velocefi are comprised of highly experienced consultant designers / engineers who have many years of experience working in Systems Integrator and large Telco companies delivering both enterprise LAN / Wi-Fi and public Wi-Fi solutions for established UK and International companies.
  • Independent Voice
  • Vendor Neutral

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Velocefi are passionate about WiFi and delivering first class service to its customers. If you're looking to upgrade your WiFi Network or having problems with your existing WiFi Network give us a call to discuss.
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