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The challenge of connecting one or more buildings or locations spread over a geographical range can be costly and time consuming when choosing traditional methods such as fibre optic or leased lines. Service provider lead times can generally stretch to several months and this may involve digging up routes to lay new cables to reach the customer premises. Furthermore, obstacles and urban development often restrict direct access and permission is needed to dig up public highways.

Outdoor wireless is a practical option for interconnecting buildings or sites over short and long range distances. The time to deploy a wireless link is typically days or weeks (not months) and once the infrastructure is purchased and installed, there are lower operating costs as there is no service subscription. Effectively, the end-user can own the link and can either manage this themselves or use a partner to support it on their behalf.

Benefits of using Outdoor Wireless Solutions

In summary, why should you consider using an outdoor wireless solution?

Put simply, the evolvement of wireless technology combined with product development and availability has made this a viable and preferred option for many organisations. It can offer a high-capacity, dedicated and secure point-to-point or point-to-multipoint link with resilience either as the main connection or as a backup to an existing primary link. An outdoor wireless solution can be delivered quickly and cost effectively with lower operational expenditure, avoiding the long lead times and charges that traditional methods incur.

Licensed & Unlicensed Point-to-Point Microwave Radios, Capacities up to 3Gbps, Distances over 100km. Rugged and Feature-rich. Available in all bands from 2 to 42GHz, Gigabit Ethernet/IP, TDM and SDH interfaces. Split-Mount & Full-Outdoor models
Point-to-Point MMW radios, Capacities up to 10-40Gbps, Distances up to 8-20km, Compact and extremely rugged. Simple to install, Available in 60GHz “V-band” & 70-80GHz “E-band”. Ethernet/IP & CPRI interfaces. Full-Outdoor Radio, PoE support
Complete 4G & 5G LTE Solutions, Base Station, Core & CPEs, Indoor and outdoor coverage, Compact and extremely rugged, Simple and rapid to install. Mobility, Private LTE, WiMax Upgrade, Broadband ISP, Government, Safe City & Security Networks, 4G & 5G Operators
MIMO Radios up to 867Mbps, Point-to-Point. Point-to-Multipoint & Mesh Networks, Flexible, Powerful and feature-rich, Unlicensed 2.4 & 5GHz plus Licensed bands up to 6.4GHz, CCTV-optimised features for Zero Packet Loss & Multicast Support, PoE
802.11ac/n/a/b/g. Indoor & Outdoor WiFi Units, Public Internet Hotspot 2.0  – 3G/4G […]
When proritising traffic types like voice and video, ensure bandwidth limits are set in high density environments

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