WiFi Troubleshooting

Is your WiFi Network experiencing problems

A WiFi site survey is the first step to identifying problems. This will give a holistic view of how effective the radio coverage is including all the key metrics that are analsyed and reported on. This may not show the root cause of the specific issues but it is always a prerequisite and invariably forms the basis for a deeper investigation.

Troubleshoot and Optimise your WiFi Network

Velocefi provide a wide range of WiFi troubleshooting approaches to each specific issue, using a range of industry leading software and tools specifically designed for purpose, and have many years experience in all aspects of WiFi troubleshooting. Velocefi can diagnose and fully document problems and assist in the remedial work needed to rectify and optimise your WiFi network.

Spectrum Analysis

Is your WiFi network experiencing erratic behaviour, possibly at certain times of the day or in a particular area of the building? Velocefi will conduct onsite RF spectrum analysis across the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands to determine the possible presence of unwanted RF interference.

As standard practise, Velocefi will carry out these checks during a WiFi site survey to measure and detect any adverse levels of unwanted RF interference that could affect the results and subsequent design of a surveyed network.

Interferers can come from inside a buildings structure and also bleed into a building from outside resulting in high noise floors which can affect the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) to its detrement.

Some common types of Interferers like Bluetooth, Microwave ovens and PIR detectors have their own signature which can be matched using the softwares signature overlays. Locating an interferer spike detected that is not immeadietly visible and obvious, can be further detected narrowing the frequency sweep and using a directional antenna to zero in on its location.
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